Reasons for having a video doorbell

It’s a great visual deterrent.

When a potential burglar sees that you have a video doorbell, they may consider moving along. Your typical burglar is looking for easy targets. So when they see that you have this type of device on your home, they are likely to decide it’s best to move along to the next, easier target.

It can provide you with pertinent video footage.

Should a would be burglar decide to still attempt to burgle your home, the captured video provide valuable evidence for the police.

It can help manage deliveries.

Have you ever expected a delivery at a certain time, only to find that it is not there? A video doorbell can help confirm delivery with a recorded clip, or even live view when notified through your video doorbell app.

It allows you to screen visitors.

Maybe you are not able to answer the door at the moment a visitor arrives. You can view your doorbell and even speak to the person who is at your door to let them know you will be moment. What a great way to avoid that pesky salesperson! 

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This article was updated on April 30, 2022